Monthly Archives : July 2015

Will the Supreme Court Eliminate Agency Fees?

Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association is a case with enormous implications for public-sector unions, including the California Teachers Associations (CTA) and other California unions representing school employees.  The US Supreme Court has agreed to take the case, and in the next session will consider whether to invalidate the “agency shop”
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New Teacher Evaluation Lawsuit

As you may have heard, yesterday Students Matter and Gibson Dunn, the folks that are behind the Vergara litigation, filed a lawsuit against 13 school districts and their superintendents and governing board members.  The lawsuit, Doe v. Antioch, alleges that the districts and school officials willfully violated the Stull Act
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July SBE Hearing ­ Accountability and Assessment

Just like the last few SBE hearings, the July meeting focused on accountability and assessment and included extensive discussion but few official actions. Below is a summary of the key items, including the Evaluation Rubrics, the SARC, the Smarter Balanced Summative and Interim Assessments, the Digital Library, Technology, the California
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