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FCC Raises Funding Cap to Finance Expansion of Schools and Libraries Wi-Fi Broadband Coverage and Capacity

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) met today and approved an order to raise the cap on the Universal Service Fund.  The higher funding cap for the Universal Service Fund will  finance the E-Rate program giving schools and libraries discounts on Internet access and  helping pay for the physical connections needed
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LAO: Prop 30 Expiration: No Cliff Effect, But Will Affect Schools

Over the weekend, the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) released additional information regarding Prop 30 revenues, including their future assumptions and prediction that the expiration of the temporary revenues will not cause a budget hole (often referred to as the “cliff effect”). A reminder that Prop 30 temporarily increased the following: Sales and
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State Board of Education Update – Curriculum and Instruction

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) Activities: Digital Library – The Smarter Balanced Digital Library, an online source for tools and resources to assist teachers in the use of classroom-based formative assessment practices, is now operational and contains over 1,600 resources in all content areas for SBAC K-12 teachers. Achievement Levels – On November 6,
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Update: Governor’s Actions on Education Bills

The Governor took more actions on K-12 education bills last night and today, including the Attorney General’s truancy bills, legislation related to student data, and one measure regarding collective bargaining. Of the four measures sponsored by Attorney General Kamala Harris related to truancy that made it to the Governor’s desk, two
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Governor Signs and Vetoes Education Bills

Over the weekend, Governor Brown was busy signing and vetoing education bills. He signed a few high profile bills, including SB 1174 (Lara), which will ask voters to repeal Prop 227 (1998 – reformed English language instruction) and expand language opportunities in school. He also signed AB 420 (Dickinson) which,
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