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Governor Signs and Vetoes Education Bills

Over the weekend, Governor Brown was busy signing and vetoing education bills. He signed a few high profile bills, including SB 1174 (Lara), which will ask voters to repeal Prop 227 (1998 – reformed English language instruction) and expand language opportunities in school. He also signed AB 420 (Dickinson) which,
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K-12 Education Bills Pending Before Governor

At just after 2:30 AM on Saturday, August 30, the California State Senate and Assembly closed down their regular work for the 2013-14 legislative session, sending a flurry of bills to Governor Brown for his consideration. Legislators have left Sacramento for their districts, most of them campaigning for reelection in
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Facilities Bond will not be moving forward

Assembly Member Joan Buchanan has just released a statement declaring AB 2235 dead.    The Governor has officially drawn his line in the sand, and it’s time to say “Uncle” on this effort.    We will continue to pursue a 2016 State Facilities Bond. Message from Joan: “We've come to the end
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More Details on AB 2235

Although AB 2235 is not in print yet, we were able to obtain the amendments submitted to Legislative Counsel.  In addition to the summary we sent last night, I have listed some additional details of the bill below. The bill will be heard on the floor of the Senate, then on
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