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School Finance Legislation

Below is a complete list of school finance legislation. The bill titles are hyper-linked to the full text of the bill. Many of these bills remain in “spot bill form,” meaning they lack substance at this point. We expect most of them to be amended significantly in the next few weeks
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Key Education Bills

Friday was the deadline for Legislators to introduce legislation in 2015. Legislators are not unlike students in that many of them waited until the last minute to turn in their legislative package. There was a deluge of new bills introduced Thursday and Friday. We’ve gone through all of them and
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LAO Analysis of 2015-16 Budget Prop 98 Spending

The attached analysis of Proposition 98 revenues and spending in the Governor’s 2015-16 Budget Proposal was released by the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) earlier today.  The LAO largely agrees with the Governor’s revenue assumptions and spending plans, but notes that an additional $1-2 billion in revenues will likely be available based
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Assembly Takes First Look at Governor’s Budget

The Assembly Budget Committee met today for an initial review of the Governor’s proposed 2015-16 Budget. Unlike the more detailed Budget Subcommittee hearings that will follow, this hearing was comprised of an overview presented by the Department of Finance (DOF), with commentary and analysis by the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO).
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