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Senate Budget Subcommittee on Education Action

I wanted to share some of the detail with you on the budget as of today. In addition to some of the items we have been talking about, the Senate Budget Subcommittee led by Senator Marty Block are considering all of the major issues that are raised in the May Revision. Today they took up many key issues and I wanted you to see the matrix of issues that show the Department of Finance (Governor’s) recommendations, and the alternatives that are being considered. The overall direction of the subcommittee is very good on many important issues in the context of a budget that is already better than most. We wanted to share the entire document presented today so you could see the language being proposed across every item taken up by the subcommittee.  It gives you a good idea about where things are headed as the stage is set for negotiations between the Governor and Legislative leaders in a couple of weeks. The Assembly is going to be evaluating all of these same issues, and it appears that there are very similar sentiments to the Senate on most of these issues. As the budget makes progress, we will share more info along the way.

Senate Sub 1 - Agenda

Kevin R. Gordon, President
Capitol Advisors Group, LLC